Prepare for the big summer challenge starting in May!

This brief, attention-grabbing call is for you, dear Biocom member, if you think it’s time to get moving, advance, and earn more. The leadership at Biocom wants to help you achieve your goals, and so this year they are once again announcing the Summer Challenge.

There are only winners here! This is not a typo, it’s a challenge. Previously called the Summer Competition, but based on several years of experience, the senior leaders decided that the term challenge is more appropriate. There’s no competition against others, you don’t have to measure your skills against anyone, and unlike other competitions, here there are ONLY winners, since everyone gets the same reward if they meet the criteria. There’s really only one person you have to beat: yourself. And that inner voice saying “it’s going to be summer soon”, or maybe “I’ll do it later”, or “I’ve never done anything like this before.” But that’s exactly the essence of the challenge!  That you can overcome it too, as proven by many previous accounts.

The announcement and the reward are changing too
Of course, it’s not just the name of the challenge that’s changing, but also some aspects of the announcement and the reward. We can reveal that it won’t be harder, but more tempting, starting in early May. In any case, we have booked the Új Tanyacsárda in Lajosmizse for August 24, to be together on the Winners’ Day. Because those who meet the challenge are indeed winners… We will provide more details about the exact rules and the prizes later, but for now, we just wanted to let you know so you can mark it on your calendar and perhaps write this on your dream wall: “I completed Biocom’s 2024 Summer Challenge.” And with that, your network, your income, and your self-esteem have grown. The rest are minor details…

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