Here’s the announcement for the 2024 Summer Challenge: simpler, more enticing, open to everyone!

In 2024, the management of Biocom offers a challenge similar in essence to previous ones but with an innovative and theoretically easier implementation. Indeed, this challenge emphasizes that it’s not really about competition against each other but about surpassing oneself. Everyone who meets the conditions of the announcement can consider themselves a winner, so the only things to “fight” are time and lack of faith. It’s necessary to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it! To make things easier for summer, it’s not mandatory to start new (competition) lines but to increase the existing uncovered part by 1,000, then 2,000, and finally 3,000 points compared to the closing points on April 30. The prizes are more tempting, including the indispensable Winners’ Day in Lajosmizse (planned for August 24) and a cash reward of 150 euro for those who successfully complete it, not to mention the additional prizes available after the second round at the end of autumn and the moral recognition and network benefits. The indirect goal remains the same: those who are not yet leaders should become one, and those who are already leaders should build another leg. This isn’t an expectation, but a process that the Summer Challenge 2024 aims to catalyze, of which we will specify the details below.

Who is the announcement for?
Anyone can enter who registers in the Biocom network by April 30, 2024, regardless of country. The 2024 announcement welcomes all who wish to compete!

The challenge lasts three months: The competition period has not changed; it runs from May 1, 2024, to July 31, 2024.

A thousand-point improvement in your uncovered network: It’s important to note that it’s not mandatory to start new lines and work on them since we are basing this on the closing points as of April 30, 2024. For network leaders, only the points in the uncovered network (excluding the existing qualifying NM (Network Manager) lines) count, and for non-leaders, the total points count, naturally excluding one’s own points, which never count in competition. Starting from this, you need to grow by 1,000 points in May, 2,000 in June, and 3,000 in July. The evaluation will be simple: the leadership will check the April 30 closing points and then the closing points at the end of each competition month, and if the 1,000-2,000-3,000 point increase is achieved relative to the starting point, then the basic condition is met.

Application and entry deadlines: It is not necessary to apply in advance. You need to submit your application by early June, not via email but through our website, On June 3, a “Summer Challenge 2024” menu item will appear, which you can click on after logging in. In the pop-up window that appears, you need to click on the “Application” button. Following this, everyone will automatically receive an email confirmation of successful application. Only applications completed in this manner will be considered during the challenge! The final deadline is June 16, 2024; the menu item will be available until then. (This is a “forfeiting” deadline, meaning if someone does not apply in time, even if they believe they have met the conditions, we will not count them, and we will not seek them out to see if they met the conditions.)

The basic requirement for participation is the same as always for active network builders: the presence of a minimum of 200 PE every month, regardless of whether the competitor has a business relationship. A competitor’s own 200 points (or any number of points from personal purchases) naturally do not count in the evaluation for the 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 PE growth.

Additional details to note: Here are a few more important details to keep in mind while competing. Most of these are self-explanatory and in line with the network’s Operating and Ethical Rules, as well as the nationally applicable GDPR rules and principles, but we also draw special attention to them. Everyone must compete in their own name only. Everyone can only order packages in their own name; absolutely not in someone else’s, especially without their knowledge or against their will! It is also the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that no unpaid product packages ordered within their network are returned to the warehouse during the competition. This affects the final result and is a hindering factor despite meeting the conditions.

Joint experience, cash prize, and other benefits: Let’s see what rewards are offered according to the challenge announcement and what incentives come from the logic of progression if someone participates. First: Participation in “Winners’ Day”. This exclusive party is offered by the Biocom company to everyone who meets the conditions. The plan is for a communal celebration with the best at the Új Tanyacsárda in Lajosmizse, likely on August 24, 2024 (Saturday). It’s a true honor to be there! Invitations to this event will be given to network builders who complete the challenge along with their partners. Second: An extra 150 euro. Third: (not an “official” company offer but a “side effect” of accelerated network building): laying the foundation for a leadership level. Fourth: a lot of extra money beyond the existing commissions that comes from active business building. Fifth: encouraging autumn prospects—those who complete the challenge are almost guaranteed to see their team take off and their development accelerate!

Extra opportunity for continuation: leadership level and cash prize: Beyond the basic opportunity, this year’s continuation is also valid, the essence of which is: become a leader! The second phase, an extra four months from August 1 to November 30, 2024, is for those who were not network leaders at the start of the competition and were not at the sixth THV level. (This does not apply to colleagues who moved up to the sixth level with April’s turnover.) Anyone who completes the 4,000 points, the basic requirement for HV qualification, each month from August to November can expect an extra €550 in income! That means by the end of August, the 4,000 PE must be achieved, and it must be maintained every month until November 30. Naturally, this applies to those who started the competition in May and were confirmed by the leadership to have completed the first three months. In other words: continue in autumn what you started in summer for the HV level and the extra cash prize!

Take advantage of the opportunity! Use the opportunity provided by the company leadership and accelerate your business! With well-founded active work in May and planned bustling in June and July, the challenge can be easily completed, and then, almost “automatically,” the HV leg builds up for an extra prize. We just need you for all this. If you joined because you want to change your life, the leadership now offers an additional motivation to accelerate this process. So, if we may suggest: go for it!

We wish you good luck!

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